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Children’s dentistry and orthodontics are an investment in your child’s future dental health. The money you spend now on children’s dental care could save you even more money in the future. Of course, sometimes getting braces or having other dental work is inevitable due to genetics or other factors. However, many long-term dental issues can be prevented by prioritizing children’s dental care.

Little House of Smiles in Fontana understands children’s dentistry and orthodontics isn’t cheap, especially if you don’t have insurance. That’s why we have made an extra effort to help our patients and families make children’s dental care more affordable. Our goal is to make every pediatric treatment the highest quality and the most affordable.

Care Credit

We want to make getting children’s dental treatments as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we offer Care Credit. Many of our patients and families have taken advantage of Care Credit over the years. This allows you to spread out payments over time, making the treatments even more affordable. The lower payments are more manageable, and also include low or no interest! 

Other Means of Payment

Of course, we also accept payments through:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Cash 

Dental Treatment Suitable for Your Child, Timetable, and Budget

Our professionals and staff members are here to help provide you with the best recommendations and service. If you have any questions about any of our treatments or financing policies, we would be happy to explore all of your available options so you can feel confident in getting the dental treatments your child needs.