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Dental Insurance

Investing in children’s dental care is well worth it for your child. Little House of Smiles in Fontana encourages parents to bring their kids in for a dental check-up by age one and then regularly after that. Once your child is old enough to pursue orthodontics, it’s an investment your kids will thank you for later in life. With all of that being said, we understand children’s dentistry and orthodontics can be a burden on your family budget and many people rely on insurance to help them cover the costs. 

We File Insurance Claims as a Complimentary Benefit

Our staff members are trained and experienced in filing insurance claims. We are happy to file any insurance claim on your behalf if we have received your insurance information by the day of your appointment. We just ask that you please review your insurance benefits so you know how much you owe on the day of your visit. 

Please keep in mind that since how your insurance company handles claims is out of our control, your out-of-pocket cost is just an estimate. Since Little House of Smiles in Fontana files all claims electronically, your insurance company should receive the claim within days of the treatment at our office. Every insurance company must pay claims within 30 days of receipt. 

Insurance Disputes

We want to help our patients and families as much as possible, but we also want to be transparent with you on insurance procedures out of our control. While we can file insurance claims on behalf of our patients, we aren’t responsible for what happens after that. If you don’t believe insurance paid the appropriate amount or if the claim isn’t handled professionally, then you’ll need to contact the insurance company directly. 

Insurance is designed to help make children’s dentistry and orthodontics more affordable for families, so take advantage of it. If you have any questions about our insurance policies, we are happy to answer them for you at any time.