Meet the Orthodontist


Dr. Emily Hung, Orthodontist

Dr. Hung is the amazing children’s orthodontist at Little House of Smiles. Her passion for children’s dentistry and orthodontics has only grown over the years and she truly enjoys getting to know the children and their parents. Before joining Little House of Smiles, Dr. Hung earned a BS in Biology at the University of California San Diego. From there, she attended dental school and earned her DDS degree at UCLA. Then she started working to achieve her childhood dream of being a children’s orthodontist at Saint Louis University. She earned her MS in dentistry and also received her orthodontic specialty certificate.

Providing children’s dental care is much more than just a job for Dr. Hung. She is passionate about transforming smiles in children through orthodontics, but that is only part of what she enjoys about being a children’s orthodontist. She also loves getting to know her patients and their families and appreciates every opportunity she gets to create beautiful smiles. 

Kids don’t always have a positive perception of children’s dentistry and orthodontics, but Dr. Hung always tries to make them feel comfortable. This comes with building relationships and having the child’s and their parent’s best interests in mind at all times. When children have a good relationship with their orthodontist, they will look forward to visiting them. And since kids often need orthodontic work done for a few years, the time goes by much quicker when they enjoy visiting their orthodontist.

Dr. Hung has a family of her own whom she enjoys being around every moment she’s not creating beautiful smiles at Little House of Smiles. She spends as much time with her husband and two children as she can and cherishes every moment. Even when those moments include dodging Lego pieces on the living room floor and wondering how her kids have so much non-stop energy.