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What Sets Us Apart

We understand you have multiple options to choose from when it comes to pediatric and orthodontic dentistry. At Little House of Smiles, we try every day to distinguish our practice to be the best choice when you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Fontana. From the technology we use to the friendly professionals and staff members, we strive to earn the opportunity to provide quality children’s dental care for your child. 

SOLEA Dental Laser

Solea Machine

The SOLEA dental laser is what practices across the country have been waiting for, and it’s available at Little House of Smiles. SOLEA replaces the dental drill many people are familiar with if they’ve had a dental procedure done. The difference with the SOLEA dental laser is it’s not intimidating for children because it is very quiet, doesn’t vibrate, and is virtually painless. Most patients don’t even need anesthesia for the dental treatment with SOLEA.

SOLEA is used for most of the soft- and hard-tissue procedures at Little House of Smiles. Not only is SOLEA virtually painless, but the time each treatment takes is minimal compared to traditional drills. The healing time following each treatment is also less since it’s not as invasive as a dental drill. Most patients resume their normal life immediately following treatment with no downtime.

Other Unique Services We Offer

The SOLEA dental laser is easily what sets us apart most from other pediatric and orthodontic dentistry offices. However, we offer several other unique benefits to patients, including:

  • A 3D Scanner to eliminate messy alginate impressions
  • Digital X-rays 
  • PAN and CEPH machines 
  • Orthodontics 
  • A General Anesthesia Specialist with a room designed for Anesthesia 

We are proud of the advanced technology we offer to our patients. But we take even more pride in building relationships with each patient who walks through our door. We truly want to play an important role in the overall health of children and we love seeing them feel comfortable and confident in their smiles.